About Us


The brainchild of Rubber Design (our busy, full-time graphic design branch), Notion Farm is an outlet to further cultivate creativity. Sometimes through focus, often by accident, our products are a way to enjoy a more tactile, at times less methodical and always more personal experience with the art and design we create.

Product development is a fertile field. The farmhands here at NF have been nurturing a notion or two on a variety of products for quite some time. With several products currently in development, we are focusing on cultivating relationships with markets of the mom and pop sort throughout the country.
If you know of a local spot you think we should be found, or you want to carry our products in your store — send us an email at cultivate@notionfarm.com with an introduction. Our goal is to bring fresh crops to market seasonally.

Whenever possible, we work with fresh local resources here in San Francisco — we hand pick and hand assemble our produce and use recycled, tree free or otherwise sustainable, reusable resources.